It ____ all day long yesterday.

a) was rained b) raining

c) rained d) has rained

235. Who ____ America?

a) discovers b) has discovered

c) did discover d) discovered

When he ______ a baby, he cried a lot.

a) was b) got

c) were d) is

I am ____ these letters at the moment.

a) type b) typing

c) typed d) types

238.__ you do any work before you came here?

a) Did b) Do

c)Have d) Can

239. Who ____ you see at the party?

a) were b) are

c) did d) have

Joe worked in his ____ shop.

a) father b) fathers'

c) fathers d) father's

241. He closes his shop ___ 8 o'clock every evening.

a) on b) at

c) in d) for

242. A: How ____ it It ____ all day long yesterday. work?

B: It works automatically.

a) did b) do

c) does d) is

243. It was very expensive ____ I didn't buy it.

a) because b) and

c) so d) but

The President went to Azerbaican ______ plane.

a) with b) in

c)by d)at

My sister is afraid ______ flying.

a) at b) of

c) with d) to

246. A: ____ did they return?

B: They returned by bus.

a) When b) Why

c) Where d) How

247. How many _______ can you eat?

a) milk b) cake

c) apples d) cheese

The film ____ just begun.

a) have b) did

c) has d) had

249. How _______ money have you got?

a) much b) few

c) many d) any

He put It ____ all day long yesterday. on ______ coat and went out.

a) him b) mine

c) hers d) his

251. A: _____ money does he have?


a) How many b) How far

c) How much d) Whose

My neighbour is ____ engineer.

a) - b)the

c) a d) an

253. A: What's the ____?

B: It's May 14th.

a) day b) date

c) month d) time

254. Müge ____ water because she was thirsty.

a) drink b) drunk

c) drinks d) drank

He is not interested ____ anything outside .

a) at b) on

c) in d) for

Документ It ____ all day long yesterday.